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There are many indicators your home or office may need to be cleared of negative energy, spirits or entities.


Following is a list of signs and symptoms that you may be experiencing in your home:

Cold spots

Drafts that don’t come from doors, windows or any other obvious source

Noises such as knocking or footsteps

Strange smells that come and go for no apparent reason

Issues with electronic equipment, such as light bulbs blowing, equipment switching on and off or appliances malfunctioning even if they’re new

A feeling of being watched

You get goosebumps and feel spooked

People feel drained or depressed in the house but feel better outside

A gut feeling that things just aren’t right

Personality changes


Spirit Clearings

Excluding Sales Tax |
  • Each Spirit Clearing includes all supplies to be used during the service as well as supplies for you to use afterwards. 

    Spirit clearing sessions can be conducted over the phone. Time and space are not an issue with removing negative energies.

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