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About Us

Our Mission Statment

White Willow Healing Arts mission is devoted to healing, educating and empowering people in a peaceful, holistic, inclusive environment.  We believe we all have the ability to nurture ourselves in body, mind and spirit and live in harmony and serenity.  Our goal is to encourage others to follow their path and give them the tools to thrive.  We recognize you as an individual and vow to treat you with respect, integrity and compassion.

Our Story

     White Willow Healing Arts was founded by Kimberlie Faybik in 2014. From an early age Kimberlie remembers being blessed with gifts of Spirit including the ability to communicate with individuals' higher selves and guides, as well as connecting with deceased loved ones and experiences from past lives. It wasn’t until 2009 that Kimberlie realized how strong her connection to Spirit was when she underwent treatment for a stage IV, rare and aggressive type of cancer. During radiation treatments she was introduced to Reiki and felt amazing after her first session. She remembers leaving the cancer center that day and feeling a shift in her vibration; she could see the auras of everyone and everything around her.


     Kimberlie wanted to know more about Reiki and other holistic modalities so she started taking classes in everything she felt called to do.  She became a Reiki Master and Certified Essential Oils practitioner by her one-year cancer-free anniversary.  Since then, she furthered her studies and became a Certified Life Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Master Herbalist and Holistic Wellness Practitioner. She holds and AOS in Mind / Body Trasformational Psychology and Clinical Hypnotherapy from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts as well as a Bachelors in Psychology, Human Development and Alternative Therapeutic Modalities from Prescott College.

     Kimberlie says having a stage IV cancer diagnosis was a scary blessing in her life. Had it not been for that part of her journey she feels she would never have stumbled upon her passions. She knows how impersonal our healthcare system is not only because of her own personal experiences but also from working in a hospital setting for more than 25 years. She started White Willow Healing Arts as a way to create a more peaceful and holistic healing environment. By combining different modalities, using powerful coaching and proven hypnosis techniques along with her gifts of Spirit, Kimberlie can assist you in resolving negative habits and fears, help make you healthy lifestyle changes, manage chronic pain, resolve and release spiritual trauma and guide you to the outcome you desire.  

Meet The Team


"Honestly the most sincere and honest women I know. Her love for people and amazing dedication to educate her self and others is amazing."

~N. Callahan    


"I took Kim's class in Reiki. As a fellow teacher I respect the efforts and planning that go into a presentation, as well as her thoroughness in presenting the class. I'm appreciative of her efforts. Kim has a unique way of teaching that brings the student to a newer level of learning. I look forward to taking more classes. I hope more people take the opportunity to learn what Kim has to teach at White Willow Healing Arts. My sincerest thanks to Kim."

~V. Talbot

"My friend & I took a Reiki ll class at White Willow Healing Arts w/Kim as the teacher. I must say it was the best decision by far. Kim is very knowledgeable & gets information across w/ease. I feel confident in using all the information & techniques she taught us. I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting 2 take a class where u want 2 learn, be enlightened and feel completely comfortable will not be disappointed! Oh & don't forget to make an appt for a toe reading. She gave me my 1st one ever & it blew my mind. She was spot on! Thanks again Kim!!! We appreciate you & We will be seeing you again soon!"

~M. Von Haag


"Kind and honest evaluation with excellent recommendations. Thank you!"

~A, Carter
New York

"As an event coordinator, I experience regular periods of extended stress. Kimberlie has proven herself on multiple occasions as an effective and talented reiki healer. She has worked out spasms and calmed migraines allowing me to be present with my guests and clients at several events. I don't know what I would do without her!"

~V. Trammel


"Kim and I went to school together and I got to know her there. Then we started getting together and working with each other. She is amazingly intuitive and has a very good energy about her. She tells it like it is and does it with kindness and honesty. It is nice to have someone call me on my crap and do it in a way that is productive and healing. She is skilled in her modalities and you can’t go wrong using her for moving forward and helping you find your path. I recommend her with five stars ."

~C. Gensamer

"Thank you , I feel better and your treatments helped me so much. I would recommend you to my friends and family."

~L. Montoya

"Kim is amazing! After losing my husband Kim was able to give me some peace of mind I was longing for. I've seen her for many sessions and will continue to see her. Very kind and professional and highly recommended!!"

~S. Higgins-Donaldson

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