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The Rose of Jericho, also known as the Resurrection Plant, looks like a little tumbleweed curled into a tight ball.  During dry weather in its native habitat it remains closed, only to unfurl its lacy deep green fronds when exposed to moisture once more.


Because of it's ability to revive again and again, the Rose of Jericho symbolizes transformation, renewal, and prosperity.


To activate this mysterious plant, place it in a dish of room temperature water, ensuring roots are fully submerged. Allow it to rest in a bright spot and watch it unfurl/green over 24-48 hours. Remove from water after 5-7 days and allow the plant to fully dry up before repeating the process.


When fully unfurled, the Resurrection Plant measures about 4-6" across. Dry plant measures about 2-3" across. Please note, it's normal for some segments of each plant to remain brown.

Rose of Jericho

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